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Only the freshest ingredients.

In Mama Roz, we create juice we'd personally be craving for!
Taste must be fresh from the first to last sip.

Absolutely no preservative-at all!

All of our juices are made from fresh fruits and not from concentrate.
They're rich in natural fiber, vitamin, and antioxidant

Start your healthy lifestyle!

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help ward off heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure, prevent cancer, etc.


Why Fresh Juice?

Why Fresh Juice?

It's a lot easier to consume fresh juice compared to munching hard through a kilogram of whole fruits.

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Take a look at Our Menu

Take a look at Our Menu

There are 20 choices of fresh fruit juices. Pick your favorites and we will deliver it to you daily.

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How to subscribe?

How to subscribe?

Check out 4 easy steps to subscribe below and subscribe online for the next week delivery.



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Indonesia's Tastiest & Healtiest Drink
- Jakarta Globe, 12 September 2009 -